Chinese Roller Sport Derby Is Empowering Women

Chinese Roller Sport Derby Is Empowering Women

Roller derby is a new and exciting sport that has been growing in popularity across the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of Europe. It is fast and full-contact, with a unique focus on female empowerment.

There is a lot of fun in derby, and there are tens of thousand of players around the world. However, there are a growing number of officials and participants who are dedicated to developing and promoting derby as an elite and professional sporting endeavor.

This combination of athleticism, feminism and humour is what makes the partnership between UN Women and Beijing Roller Derby so exciting. UN Women supports BRD’s May 3 exhibition match with the promotional tag.

Embracing the Olympic Sport Spirit

In China, roller derby arrived in the mid 2000s. There are leagues in Shanghai and Beijing as well as Hong Kong. Many of the players are from abroad, but there are more Chinese women who view the sport as an opportunity for them to challenge gender norms.

Roller derby’s aesthetics where players don elaborate make-up, wear alternative clothing and adopt alternate nicknames such as Hurt Vonnegut and Achilles Squeal parody women’s roller skating of the 1950s and 1960s.

I had the opportunity to talk to many of them about their experiences when I visited November last year. One participant in research said that she joined derby to challenge herself. To push my limits. Another Chinese participant also shared the same sentiments.

Roller skating, which is not a traditional sport, is something I love. Roller derby, which is a sport that originates from Western countries, represents western culture. It’s a new sport in China so I love it.

Another Young Chinese Girl

At one point, I mentioned to my father that I was very busy doing many different things. He was referring to the possibility of me stopping skating. One derby player stated that it was unacceptable for women to play contact sports on roller skates in China. Although it is odd to think of a woman as being athletic, the idea that a woman could be athletically successful against another woman is not.

UN Women will use the May 3 event to promote China’s first domestic violence laws. These laws were in effect for a month. In a country where DV can still be shamefully view as a crime against the victim and their families, the law encourages reporting. Domestic violence protection was not available to women, children, and the elderly prior to the law.

UN Women’s #heforshe campaign will be promote at the May 3 derby. This campaign is designed to mobilize all people and promote gender equality as an issue of human rights, not as a women’s issue.

Feminist In China Sport

It is important to identify as a feminist in China and not just publicly and overtly. Last year, five women were arrested in China in the lead up to International Women’s Day for protesting sexual harassment on public transport.

Ironically, this is because Mao and the Communist Party originally stressed female emancipation. However, in many countries, being a woman or a girl comes with some restrictive norms. Despite the fact that women have been grant emancipation and played an important part in civic life, China continues to be a country of gender inequality. Women are forced to marry and there are strict standards regarding beauty and acceptable leisure activities.

However, the derby women I spoke with said that feminist ideas about gender fluidity and equality, democracy, and empowerment are important parts of the sport. The exhibition will allow interested parties to learn more about roller derby and promote UN Women’s agenda for China.

Modern roller derby has abandoned traditional sport development models. DIY is also part of punk and hardcore music scenes. It focuses on giving people the tools to produce content

Flat Track Sport Derby Association

The US-based Women’s Flat Track Derby Association recently published an on their website making it clear that they rejected any claim made by the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports the international governing body for a range of roller sports to govern roller derby. Instead, the association is the dominant governing body and places a particular emphasis on governance style and values. Their slogan is revolutionary.

How will Beijing’s locals react to the UN Women sponsored event. It is far more common to see women on roller skates crashing into each other. No matter how athletically gifted, than the images of female swimmers and gymnasts in China. The 2008 Beijing Olympics gave women’s sport in China a huge boost and created a lot of excitement. The Olympic spirit could be use to help Chinese people understand and appreciate roller derby.

In all sports, there is a balance between cooperation and competition. It can be difficult to find the right balance. But it is possible to win if there is cooperation from all parties. UN Women and Beijing Roller Derby have partnered to show the potential of derby. In giving Chinese women empowerment and other forms of gender expression. The Chinese government can also play an important role in supporting Chinese roller derby’s future.